Types of hair extensions

If the girl is fed up of her short hairs and she does not get long hair due to some hormonal or genetic issues than the solution is present. She can enjoy the long hairs of her choice by getting hair extensions. These are available in a variety of colors, styles, and types. If she loves long black straight hairs, no worries, the type of extensions are available. Buy it and use in any party to give a new stylish look. There are a variety of hair extensions present made with synthetic fibers or with natural hairs. Those made of natural hairs are bit expensive but has the advantage that she can style in any form she loves. There are different types of hair extensions available depending on how they are attached with hairs.

Tape in hair extensions

As the name indicates, it is the type of extensions which your hair dresser attaches with the help of tape. The special adhering tape is available that is glued  together on both sides of the hairs. The hairs are attached by heating glue at a specific temperature so that they firmly remain in their place.

To keep extensions for a long time, use special shampoos and hair treatment products that can help in retaining the glue for extra time. If the extensions are of god quality than one can use again if detached from the head.

Sew in hair extension

The type of extension has a long life as compared to other because the artificial hairs are attached with natural one by braiding than through sewing process. To use this type of extension it is important to have good hair volume so that extensions can remain firmly attached with natural hairs. It is somewhat uncomfortable process it takes several hours to attach the extension to the hairs.

Clip in hair extensions

It is the common type of the hair extensions. It is very easy to attach and detach from the head. The clips are present that easily hides inside the hairs and help in transforming the look of the lady.

Fusion and pre-bonded type hair extension

Fusion or bonded type hair extensions are also good sources to modify the hair look. These are attached with adhesive or glue. The hot glue gun type machine is used for this purpose. The hairs are attached at a specific temperature so that no itching or burning occurs on head. These are easy to maintain and the girl can use the simple shampoo or conditioner she use for normal hairs to keep extensions fresh and shiny.