Fabulous hairstyle using a flat iron.

Trying to tame and style curly hair can be a real struggle. There’s too much of it and sometimes hair straighteners don’t seem to do the right job. If you’re struggling like this, it means you haven’t found good hair straighteners for curly hair just yet.

    But don’t you worry! We all know straightening curly hair isn’t an easy job, but using the right flat iron you can quickly create a lot of beautiful hairstyles that will catch everyone’s attention. You just gotta use the right tools.

Choose the best flat iron.

   Before we get into the fabulous hairstyles you can achieve using a flat iron, you need to choose between the best flat iron for curly hair out there, and trust us, you’ve got plenty of options.

   Keep in mind curly 5 Tips hair is way harder to straighten than regular wavy or straight hair. This is because curly hair is usually thicker and more abundant, which means you really need a good flat iron that will take care of that.

   There are some really good hair flat iron for curly hair you can use, however we recommend you take this points into consideration before getting your own!

  1. Get one that heats up to 200 degrees celcius, and that heats up evenly. Flat irons like the Conair Tourmaline or the BabyLiss Pro will do the job. This will help you tremendously when trying to straighten your hair.
  2. Go for titanium over ceramic. Don’t get us wrong, ceramic flat irons are great, but when it comes to curly hair, titanium hair straighteners (Like the Kipozi flat iron) are just better and less damaging.
  3. Choose regular-size flat irons. The tiny ones might be cute and all, but they can’t handle all your curls. So go for the regular ones like the HSI flat iron, and choose one that can hold up your hair.

Create beautiful hairstyles.

       The hairstyles we’re about to show you are super simple and quick to do, and if you already picked amongst the good hair straighteners for curly hair, then it’s gonna be even easier for you!

  1. Classic blow-out.
    That’s right, using any of the good flat iron for curly hair you can achieve a classic blow-out! All you need to do is to straighten the tips of your hair towards your face as you go and that’s it.
  2. Soft, beachy waves.
    You want that beautiful beachy hair? You got it. Make sure to straighten your hair really good first, and then go over again with the flat iron and twist it up and down your hair strains, creating that wave effect.
  3. Curls for days!
    It sounds funny, but choosing between the good hair straighteners for curly hair can actually help you create way more defined, easy to handle curls. Of course, you’ll need to straighten your hair first, and then wrap a piece of hair between the flat iron and curl it away from your face. We promise you’ll love it!
  4. Half up-Half down.
    Again, make sure to straighten your hair with the flat iron first. Then, divide it in half and put the top part of your hair in a semi-high ponytail. To make this hairstyle really pop out, grab a flat iron and create some curls close to your face.

All these fabulous hairstyles are really easy to do, you just gotta choose between all the good hair straighteners for curly hair we mentioned before. Not only they’ll make your hair look amazing, but they will take care of it like you deserve.

Get creative and try as many hairstyles as you wish! Now that you have a good and trusty flat iron, you can turn those curls into fabulous hairstyle masterpieces.