Safety in the Workplace

Even with the workplace being safer than it has ever been, there is still one major problem that plagues offices around the world – gravity. That force that keeps us tethered to the earth is also one that results in the most common accidents, including slipping, falling and tripping. While we can’t completely get rid of gravity, we can take precautionary measures to protect us from serious harm should gravity strike again.

Trips, Slips and Spills
Whether caused by carelessness or an actual mess on the floor, falling in any of its myriad of forms remains the leading cause of injury in today’s modern work environment. To combat this, though, it’s all about keeping spaces clean and safety gear on.
In an office setting, this means having a dedicated team member or cleaning staff that keeps all aisles clear of debris and smooth surfaces dry should a spill happen. Employees should also be vigilant of their surroundings as accidental brushes with desks and wastebaskets can result in an unfortunate tumble. Employees should also work on remain physically active as a healthy body can take a fall much better than an unhealthy one.
In an outdoor setting, safety equipment is key. Wearing harnesses while in higher areas as well as hats and other accoutrements means the body is secure should the worst happen, thereby reducing potential damage. There’s a reason these jobs are often considered high risk.

Falling Objects
In addition, every employee is potentially at risk of being hit by a falling object. Store rooms are full of tall shelves stacked with boxes that, with even the slightest push, may tumble down onto and unsuspecting worker. While safety gear and general shelf storage etiquette should be followed, the most important investment is in the equipment used to prevent freefaarrestors, for instance, should always be attached to extremely dangerous loads to protect people and the surroundings. A load arrestor is also ideal for attaching to employees headed up ladders or those that will be working at high heights.
As for shelf storage etiquette, the rules are relatively straightforward. The heaviest items should be placed on the lowest shelves with the lighter items up high. This allows for easy product movement whenever a ladder has to be used, reducing the chance an employee will fall off of a ladder and be simultaneously crushed by whatever heavy item they were trying to get down.

The workplace is safer than it has ever been, now only seeing issues from physics and not employer carelessness. Because of this, it can be safely assumed that gravity will now forever reign as causing the most injuries, however that doesn’t mean we can’t do anything to protect against it. By being smart and aware, even the forces of nature can be managed successfully.