Replacing Your Implants

The procedure created to replace or remove your implant is known as breast revision. The goal of this procedure is to change the type of the size of your implants and to fix any issues with your previous breast augmentation. The procedure can be done in specialized clinics, such as where the specialists will take care of you. 

Consider breast revision in these situations:

  • If you want to change the size of your implants
  • If you have capsular contracture, the tightening of the scar tissue
  • If your implants got damaged
  • If the breast tissue has changed due to weight changes

Different reasons can make you undergo breast revision surgery

Who is a good candidate?

You should, of course, be in good general health if you are considering this procedure, and if you are fulfilling some of the following facts, you are a good candidate for this procedure:

  • Smoking. You should not smoke or you should quit some time before and after the surgery
  • You want to increase or decrease the size of your breasts
  • You want to correct breast asymmetry
  • You want to fix issues with your implants
  • Weight loss or gain has changed your breasts
  • If you want to undergo a breast lift
  • You are unhappy with previous results
  • When you want to remove your implantsĀ 

Performing breast revision procedure

The best technique in breast implant revision from Breast & Body Clinic will be determined, depending on the reason why you are doing the surgery.

Breast revision is a common procedure

Capsular contracture

The doctor will most probably use the same incision to insert the new implants and to remove the hardened capsule.

Change in size

In this case, it is the same process. The surgeon will use the same incision to replace your implants. If you wish to have larger implants, the doctor will make your breast pocket larger, so the implant can be fit in. Otherwise, if you want to have smaller breasts, your doctor will resize your pocket with sutures.

Implant malposition

Your implants can be badly positioned in situations where pockets are too far apart or too close. In this case, the surgeon will use sutures to manipulate the scar tissue to correct the pocket to the appropriate position. Most probably, your surgeon will utilize other tissues to top up the implant pocket. 

Changing the position of areola and nipple

If you wish to change the position of your areolas and nipples, so that your breast get a lifted and younger look, that can be achieved, but you will need additional incisions. The incision will be made on the upper part of the areola when not much elevation is needed. If you wish to have more lifted and tightened areolas, the incision will be made around the areola and vertically on the lower breast area.

Final word

The breast implant revision is necessary even when everything is fine with your implant. This is because implants are also getting old, and you should consider replacing them after 10 or 15 years.