Lifestyle Management Programmes – Manage Your Lifestyle

Life is a journey where every minute is a lesson, every hour is a story, and every day is an experience. All we learn becomes again lesson for others. Each one perceives life in a different way. All have their own ways of dealing with life. One owns absolute rights to lead his or her life in the way he likes. Living life catering to one’s own desires and interests is termed as his lifestyle. This depends upon various factors like place, income, exposure, attitude, family, environment and many more. All these factors decide the pattern of living of a person. Understanding lifestyle is crucial. Life is always influenced by the lifestyle. In other words lifestyle has a direct effect on social and professional life of an individual. Social life, of course is a different story. Here we will only talk about the professional side.

How lifestyle impacts life and work?
Lifestyle has a great impact on health (both physical & mental) of an individual. Like for example if a person drinks and smokes often eventually his health conditions will decline. This will tremendously affect his work life. The condition is harmful for the individual and organization as well. Mainly such problems hamper productivity of employees. Hence this is an issue which needs grave attention.

What is the main problem employee’s face in organizations?
Stress is one such big problem which employees can very well relate to. Stress results in chronic heart diseases, sleeplessness, depression, anxiety attacks, high blood pressure and many more. Exercising regularly and meditation are some of the methods to lead a stress free life.

How to handle life with care?
A new set of programmes is gaining popularity called ‘lifestyle management programmes’. This is also called as wellness programmes. The main aim of such programmes is to enable employees a healthy life with healthy habits. Usually it starts with an appraisal called health risk assessment (HRA). Here entire health history and information is gathered with the help of a questionnaire. Based on the information coaching is given. Generally it is done at the workplace itself either over phone, online or face to face. The programme targets a particular problem and provides useful remedies.

How these programmes benefit employee?
Employees remain update with their health status. It helps them in monitoring their health issues and changing lifestyle. With such reports employees can check health related problems. Overall, it boosts their productivity.

How such programmes benefit organization?
Organization gets healthy, motivated workforce which is essential for productivity, profit and growth. In other words such programmes reduce absenteeism.

Remaining healthy is the key to all success. Awareness is created in various organizations through workshop, seminars on various health caring measures. It is a new cult in organizations today. Effective policies are formulated to understand health better. Hence the old saying ‘health is wealth’ finds its relevance even today in the corporate world.

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