Finding the right kind of diabetic shoes made easy and affordable

Nerve pain happens when there is damage related to nerves of the feet which can then lead to many feet related problems for diabetic patients. Nerve pain commonly known as neuropathy leads to the prickling, burn like and severe pain like or tingling sensations, foot weakness can also be experienced. The worst thing happens when patient hurts his feet but is unable to feel it due to the loss of sensation on the foot. If they are unable to feel any such injury on their feet, the condition may get worse as they would be unaware of the wound.

How Can Diabetic Shoes Help in such a Situation?

If by any chance you have walking difficulty, numb feeling or have a burning sensation on your feet from walking, your doctor may recommend made shoes or custom made for people with diabetes. The diabetic shoes recommended have, box for wider toe, which gives your toes extra space to move around. This prevents the appearance of pimples and sores that can occur because the toes rub against each other or with the shoes.

How to use the prescription for shoes:

In order to get a prescription for the shoe, you should for sure meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Amputation or cutting of the foot
  • Ulcers or sores on foot
  • History of foot injury
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • Foot degeneration
  • Less circulation of the blood

How Helpful Are They?

These shoes have shown, to reduce the chances of amputation in patients with diabetes. If you can even prevent any kind of minor injury from occurring, it will be beneficial for you in the future. People who have these shoes claim to have relieved from the foot pain that was previously being caused by normal shoes.

How to get them?

These shoes are not available commonly in all the stores. They are usually manufactured or custom made according to the needs of patient. First, your doctor should refer you to a foot doctor. They are qualified professionals who create special shoes for people who have unique requirements for their shoes based on their disease. Once you have been referred, you should look for things to ensure you get the right shoes for your feet. These shoes must follow strict guidelines. They come with different removable orthopedic accessories such as bow support padding and insoles.

Benefits of getting them:

Wounds that occur during diabetes usually do not heal much quicker. Therefore it is necessary to prevent the occurring of such situations rather than facing the complications later on. Moreover, walking in these custom-made shoes is also much easier.

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