What Is The Best Prebiotics Supplement?

Prebiotics are so important to your digestive health that you really want to consider taking a prebiotics supplement. But what is the criteria for deciding what the best prebiotics supplement is?

First off, understand what prebiotics do, and why you want to take a supplement, instead of simply getting the prebiotics by eating foods that contain them:

· Prebiotics are specialized plant fibers that when eaten move through your system, and into your colon undigested, where they are then able to provide the necessary food for your good bacteria to grow.

· Although there a foods that are excellent prebiotics sources, the quantities that you will be getting really aren’t big enough to give you the full extent of the health benefits that are available.

· And then there is a further problem where a lot of the prebiotics may actually be found in parts of the food like the skin that you aren’t going to eat.

But the major reason you want to take a supplement is because if you want the best possible digestive heath, you are going to need more than prebiotics – and the best prebiotics supplements are a lot more than only prebiotics.

What Is In The Best Prebiotics Supplement

The best prebiotics supplement, of course must include a very good source of prebiotics. I take a prebiotics supplement that is produced from kiwifruit, which is a terrific source of prebiotics, as well as the other necessary components for the best balanced digestive health possible.

New Zealand scientific studies have shown that the kiwifruit prebiotics were able to increase important good bacteria to a greater extent than insulin, which is regarded as one of the best prebiotics food sources.

Besides prebiotics, the best prebiotics supplement must also contain a high concentration of the following:

· Soluble fiber
· Phenolics
· Enzymes

Soluble fiber slows down the rate that you digest your food, and by doing so it has a nutritional impact by allowing greater absorption of vitamins and minerals. Soluble fiber can also help reduce your cholesterol and triglycerides levels, along with being beneficial for preventing diabetes by keeping glucose levels lower.

Phenolics provide an absolutely necessary digestive benefit; they keep the harmful bacteria in your system from reproducing. This makes them a great combination with prebiotics – while the prebiotics are providing nourishment to your beneficial bacteria, the phenolics are inhibiting the bad bacteria from being able to grow.

Kiwifruit skin is an excellent source of phenolics, and this is another good example from taking the prebiotics supplement, because you most likely will not get the phenolics from not eating the skin.

And be sure that your supplement is using the skin in its extract – this would be something else to use for deciding what the best supplement is. For instance, there are a lot of kiwi-based supplements that are produced from freeze-dried pulp after the skin was thrown away – that would be a supplement that you wouldn’t want to bother taking.

Enzymes are very important for your digestive health and nutrition, because these are used for breaking down what you eat and then absorbed by the body for its functions. When there isn’t enough enzyme activity your food cannot be properly digested. This is especially a problem with proteins, which are the hardest foods to digest.

When proteins remain undigested it can decay in your colon or even move through the wall of your intestine and go into your bloodstream. This can lead to a number of digestive and health problems, including an increased risk for colon cancer.

The Best Prebiotics Supplement Will Use The Best Manufacturing Process

The best prebiotics supplement must include these 4 components, as they are all necessary for providing balanced digestive health. When this is accomplished your food is properly digested and broken down into nutrients absorbed by the body, the harmful bacteria in your system is not allowed to take over your good bacteria – and your good bacteria is allowed to grow and provide you with all of its possible benefits.

And then the best prebiotics supplement will be produced in a way that is 100% natural, using no solvents of chemicals of any kind – and that will retain the highest concentration of the extracted components, to further ensure that the supplement with be as effective and beneficial as possible.