Understand How Renuva Works

Renuva is the most up to date in fat and facial filler technology, and Dr. David Abramson is proud to use shots at his Englewood, Franklin Lakes, and New york city City places. The injection consists of small amounts of rehydrated fat which can be injected right into the face and hands for added volume and enhanced structure. It can also be made use of to fill irregularities and surges caused by implants, lipo, and various other treatments.

A single therapy of Renuva can recover the smooth, healthy appearance of the skin in mostly all locations of a client’s body, including your:.

Face. Renuva can fill out anxieties in the face skin, in addition to be made use of for lip and cheek improvement. The targeted injection can also include volume to the skin, properly smoothing the lines and wrinkles in the location.

Hands. Patients who seem like they have indicators of aging in their hands can recover vibrant volume.

Hips. Renuva can smooth skin irregularities in the skin around the hips, in addition to subtly enhance the curve of the person’s figure.

Buttocks. Renuva will smooth the uneven skin surface caused by cellulite. Renuva can also include refined, targeted volume to the butts, in order to improve the total butts form.

Why Renuva Works

Renuva properly volumizes the skin by injecting allograft adipose fat right into the fat tissue of a targeted location. Allograft fat is fat that has been drawn out from a benefactor, decontaminated, processed, and screened according to FDA criteria for security and top quality. A Renuva injection also contains parts which boost your body’s natural development elements: this promotes your body’s approval of the new fat, in addition to your very own fat production in the location. The allograft adipose fat will serve as a support framework for any new fat, in addition to immediately produce far better volume and structure of the skin.


Great candidates for Renuva by BeautyFix are those who want to attend to the specific dimples or pockets that take away from the appealing appearance of their skin. These can be a result of natural fat growth, previous lipo work, or injury. If you have small volume loss or abnormality in your skin, Renuva can target and fill out these locations.

Patients who want to see more volume in their hips and butts, but do not have ample fat to transfer, or do not want to go through an extra invasive procedure, are also excellent candidates for Renuva.

Renuva is furthermore a great cosmetic option for patients who have fine lines or wrinkles. Patients who watch out for the dangers of various other skin rejuvenation treatments, such as possible damages from the thermal heat of laser skin therapy, can be comforted that Renuva is both efficient and risk-free.