Tricks and techniques to try when playing Valorant

Valorant is a popular first-person shooter. It might seem like a Sci-Fi Counter-Strike game at first glance. But, those who have played both games will tell them that they are only slightly different. Valorant is a more complicated game with many characters (agents), each with their own abilities and weapons. However, the ultimate goal is to kill your opponents in order to win the round.

The game is more difficult than other titles so mastering the techniques and strategies is crucial if you want a great game. We wanted to share some tips with you on how to improve your game by simply incorporating these strategies into your gameplay. You’ll still need to spend time playing the game and practicing to achieve Shroud-like skills. But it will be easier if it’s done this way.

  1. Talk To Your Teammates

Although this isn’t a trick per se, it’s something you need to keep in mind. The best strategy in this game is to communicate with your teammates. Valorant’s success is dependent on the strategy. All team members must agree to the strategy.

Before and during the match, discuss your strategy with your team. Before the match begins, plan the game, assign roles, choose your agents and communicate with your teammates about enemy movements, position, etc.

Talk to your opponent if you have a strategy that fails. Together, we can figure out how to win.

  1. Before every game, enter the practice range

Strategy is important but it is more important to be able shoot your opponents in their heads. Playing is the best way to improve accuracy. However, if you are pushing rank and don’t want points to be lost, we recommend that you go to The Range to shoot for around 15 minutes.

You’ll improve your aim and become a better player with time. Muscle memory is what makes aim possible. Therefore, it’s important to practice shooting and aiming as often as possible.

  1. Test Every Gun

The best way to improve your shooting skills is to use that particular gun. It’s safe for us to say that not all people are as proficient with each gun. This is mainly because only one gun is used.

Instead, you should try every gun until you are proficient with it. This will ensure that you make the most out of every situation.

Valorant guns have no horizontal recoil for the first nine rounds, unlike other games. So be quick.

  1. Do not jump while shooting

If you don’t get a kick from missing the target, never shoot while jumping. You should not jump during a gunfight. There is a time when you can and should. While you might be lucky every now and again, the adrenaline rush can get your blood pumping. But most of all, you will get clapped.

Instead, crouch while you shoot. This will reduce the recoil, improve accuracy, and increase your chances of eliminating the opponent.

  1. Stop Reloading

This isn’t a trick that you can do, but it is something you should try. This is a hard habit to break. This is a common problem in PUBG and CoD. However, if you ask any Valorant coach from rank, they’ll tell you there’s no need for constant reloading in this game. You don’t need to use two bullets if you can kill your opponent in one headshot.

Reloading can also make noise. If you are left 1-on-1, you should not reload or give out your position to get more rounds.

  1. Shotguns and Battle Smokes

Shotguns are the best weapon to defeat a teammate who is addicted to smoking. You can camp at their smoking spot and use a shotty to blast them. You could even spam the smoke to try and get someone. However, this strategy may not work as well because you might give away your position and they might just roll over and kill you.

  1. Purchase Weapons as a Team

Valorant is a team sport, so don’t hoard money or not share your wealth. Buy a gun for a teammate who has lost their gear or cash. If all your teammates are well-equipped, you have a greater chance of winning the round. You will also be a better teammate if you are a good friend.

  1. Flash For Your Teammates, Not For Yourself

If you have been playing other FPSs prior to Valorant, certain habits can be difficult to break. If you are the agent who is wielding flashes instead of throwing them at yourself, flash for them. They don’t need a gun, so you won’t be carrying one. Instead of wasting precious time switching between a flash and a gun, flash for your team members who already have one in their hand and let them take the kill.

  1. Always keep a knife in your hand when you run

A knife in your hands makes you more efficient. It would be much easier to carry a knife with you when you have to move between places. You will be able to move faster and get to your destination quicker. Once you get to your destination, don’t forget your gun.


That’s it. These are some easy tricks and techniques you can use when Valorant is being played. We can’t guarantee that you will be as good as Sentinal and Amaterasu, but we can promise you that you will get better.