Supplements – The Real Deal or All Hype

So, I’m here today to talk to you about the effectiveness of supplements. If you’re like the millions of other people out there that are trying to get ahead by taking supplements, you’ve probably noticed that are too many supplements to count much less try them all, so how do you know what works and what doesn’t?

Let me first start by stating that the products that these companies make don’t actually have to contain ingredients that do what they claim them to do. There are no regulations on quality of products in the supplement industry, so how do you know which ones work and which ones don’t?

If you’ve every read some of the advertising or labels on many of these products, most of them sound too good to be true. Well, guess what? Most of them are. The supplement industry is over-hyped and full of fraudulent lies about what they claim their products can do for you. It’s one of the biggest money rackets out.

Think about it for a moment. If the products these companies pushed day in and day out actually worked, they probably wouldn’t be in business and definitely wouldn’t make as much money because if it actually did what it said it did, you would get the results you’re after and wouldn’t have to continue to buy them. They have a vested interest in keeping you from actually reaching your fitness goals. Let me give it to you another way. Look at the pharmaceutical industry- if they had a pill that could cure cancer, they wouldn’t get rich on all the other medication and various types of therapy that they prescribe. Just like the pharmaceutical industry having a vested interest in keeping the cure from you, the supplement companies have the same interest in prohibiting you from reaching you fitness goals. Now, don’t get me wrong because there are a handful of companies that sell quality products that work- more on that to come.

Why do I say that the supplement industry is a money-making racket. Take a look next time you’re looking at a fitness magazine. Over 75% of the magazine is loaded down with advertisements pushing the next best supplement. That’s because most fitness magazines are controlled by the supplement companies. The fitness models that are pictured in these magazines didn’t get their bodies by just by taking the supplements they push. They got it from a lot of hard work, a good diet, and using a few good supplements that actually do what they claim. These advertisements with these fitness models are deceiving. The supplement companies have these individuals bulk up to gain a bunch of weight and then after 10-12 weeks of hard training and a strict diet they show them again with their body fat at 10%. These athletes have been at this body fat % before, so it’s much easier for them to get there again. What I’m trying to say is the supplements are not what got them the results. It was knowledge, hard work, and a strict diet.

I have problems with most all supplements because:

Our bodies don’t properly absorb nutrients from these artificial substances. Prograde is the only company I trust for my supplements because they undergo thorough quality testing and all their products are extracted from whole food sources which allows for increased absorption)

There is no regulation on the labels or claims of supplement companies (that means they could pretty much put anything they wanted to in their product because it didn’t undergo any form of quality control…that’s downright scary not knowing what your actually putting in your body)

They are over-hyped and don’t fulfill on their miraculous claims

Even though some of these supplements may do a fraction of what they claim, it doesn’t fix the root cause of the problem; it’s only a short term answer. In order to get results that last, you have to make a lifestyle change. There are no magic pills to get results that last.

Like I said before there are a handful of supplements that are highly beneficial in reaching your fitness goals, but they must come from a quality source.

Prograde has done all the hard work for us by hiring a team of dietitians and nutrition experts to sort through all the garbage out there, and what they came up with were a handful of supplement that actually work. This saves you time and money by separating the good from the bad. They don’t sell their products in stores because they don’t want some high school kid who only knows what he reads from some fitness magazine telling you what you should buy.

One of my favorite supplements is their multi-vitamins for men and women (specifically gender formulated). Their is nothing synthetic about these fat burning vitamins. They contain 25 whole vegetable, greens, and fruits. They promote maximum fat burning potential as well as a host of other health benefits. Everyone should consider taking a multivitamin. Be aware that most all multivitamins sold in stores don’t work. Most, if not all, of the nutrients in store bought vitamins are never absorbed and are passed through the kidneys into the urine.

The next supplement I would like to share with you is considered the #1 Super Food available. It is Longevity by Prograde. It has 10 times more anthocyanins than drinking a glass of red wine. Laboratory-based evidence showed anthocyanins provided potential health effects against:

aging and neurological disease
bacterial infections

This tiny natural pill contains 45 times more anti-aging, health-improving benefits than fish oil. It actually reduced cell damage and restores damaged cells back to good health. This is a dynamic supplement that will have you feeling the benefits almost as soon as you start taking it.

Lastly, I want to share with you the benefits of taking Prograde’s Genesis. If you’re like most busy adults you find it hard to get proper amounts of vegetables in your daily diet. Well Prograde has once again pulled through. It is my opinion one of the best tasting greens foods on the market. One little packet of this extraordinary product contains broccoli sprout extract, tomato, alfalfa, spinach, kale, Brussels sprouts, carrot, and much, much more. In order to get the same amount of antioxidants in one single packet of Genesis you would have eat four cups of blueberries. So, what are some of the health benefits of Genesis?

provides a stable blood sugar level (which helps with fat loss and keeps inflammation under control)
better digestive health
minimizes free radical damage to avoid pain and disease
Strengthens and supports immune system

This unique blend is one of the healthiest and tastiest green foods I’ve come across. Once you try it for yourself the first time, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. If you miss taking it during the day, you’ll notice the difference.

Take care of your body and provide it with proper nutrients that it needs. No matter whether you choose Prograde Nutrition to be your one-stop-shop for your supplement needs or you choose some other source, just make sure you do your research and choose supplements which come from a natural state such as those extracted from a whole-food source.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my take on supplements, and I hope this will help you make a better decision in your next supplement purchase.