Save Your Engine with TetanGas Antifreeze Liquid

 We often take the health of our car engine for granted. Many of us forget to use vital components such as antifreeze in our engine and this can lead to problems. There are many excellent antifreeze liquids that you can buy on the market such as TytanGas anti-freeze liquid.  here’s a little bit more about how antifreeze can help your engine.

Why Antifreeze?

When you have an antifreeze mixture in your engine it helps to cool the engine and we also refer to antifreeze as coolant. When the engine is running there is a great deal of heat that is created to the combustion and the friction. If we don’t have enough cooling than the components can be destroyed. The antifreeze will circulate around the block of the engine to the car radiator. If you don’t have any antifreeze the water in the engine block will freeze. This is the same sort of thing that occurs when you have water pipes in your house burst. You don’t want to have a frozen engine block because of this may cause cracks in areas of the engine block and then the entire engine will probably have to be replaced.

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You may already have antifreeze in your vehicle, but it may have been a long time since it’s been changed. If it hasn’t been changed over along the duration, it can become quite ineffective at doing its job of keeping the engine cool. Some people think that you can just chop off the cooling system with water, but it’s a better idea to use antifreeze because excess water will just dilute the mixture of antifreeze that you already have, and the effectiveness of the antifreeze will be reduced. Water also contains several minerals such as calcium which can deposit themselves around the cooling system and this can cause damage to the engine. It’s important to take your vehicle in for servicing periodically to check your antifreeze to see if yours needs to be replaced.

TytanGas Antifreeze

One company that makes excellent antifreeze is called TytanGas.  they also make other lubricants for your vehicle such as TytanGas electronic gas tightness tester and TytanGas Protect. Here’s a little bit more about their antifreeze product.

This antifreeze will mix well with other antifreeze fluids that are made from MEG or monoethylene glycol based. This product gives you excellent engine protection and will work in temperatures even as low as minus 35. This antifreeze protects against heat in the summer and against freezing in the winter months. You’ll have less scale buildup with this antifreeze and it protects various components such as plastic, rubber, and metal.  this antifreeze also has corrosion inhibiting additives so it’s safe to use on metal parts of the vehicle cooling system.


Antifreeze is an important part of your vehicle and TytanGas antifreeze is a good solution and antifreeze product to help protect your vehicle from damage caused by both heat and cold. It’s important to check your antifreeze on a periodic basis so take your vehicle in for maintenance to see if you need any new antifreeze and consider TytanGas antifreeze  as it’s an excellent product to  help protect your vehicle engine.