Power Gym: World’s First Smart Exercise Machine for Home Use

Do you also get tired of going to the gym and coming back all sore? Well, it happens with almost everyone, people get tired and it has an adverse impact on their motivation. However, it is extremely important to stay physically active and to get some good amount of exercise every day. The power gym is an isokinetic trainer which will fulfill all your dreams by providing you an opportunity to exercise anywhere you like. Whether you are on a hike, whether you are at a friend’s place or anywhere else, you can achieve your daily workout goal without any worry.

Why is power gym distinct from the rest of the exercise machines?

The power gym is an isokinetic trainer which aims to reduce the body fat while providing muscle strength. It is portable unlike many other machines so you can transport it anywhere you like. It works amazingly for various parts of the body including the upper body, legs, thighs, hips, and shoulders. Young athletes or people who just started getting athletic training have been able to give a boost to their speed and jumping ability with the use of power gym. The biggest difference between the power gym and the other exercise machines is that it prevents your body from getting sore. It aims at allowing the people to reach their maximum physical potential with its advanced technology. Since you will not get sore, you will be motivated to work out and stay fit.

It is also unique because it has smaller size as compared to many other machines available. It is lightweight with only 12lbs of weight, so it is easily transported and carried. The main focus of the power gym is isokinetic exercises which build strength without putting a strain on the muscles. Not only does it help you build strength but it also has smart features. You can easily connect the isokinetic trainer to your smartphone through the Power Gym app.

With the app, you track your workout routine and time. It also keeps a track of the energy output and the progress of your workout over a certain period of time. The data recorded will also be shown on the Power Gym app and also on the monitor of the Power Gym trainer itself. It also has other smart features which will be very helpful for you during your workouts. It has the ability to change resistance based on the effort you put in, in your exercise. It comes with a very fun feature which most of the people praise is that the shell of the power gym changes color when a repetition is made. The power gym doesn’t need assembly which is great because people spend so much time only assembling various trainers or exercise machines, so, you will be saved from that hassle.

Dr. Michael Trexler is a sports trainer and a health trainer also holds a Ph.D. in Health, Education, and Behavior and also holds a Master’s degree in Exercise Science. With his experience of more than two decades, Dr. Trexler came up the Power Gym which is basically an isokinetic trainer. His idea is a successful merger of isokinetic mechanics and SMART technology which we can see in the form of power gym. He envisioned athletes improving and strengthening their performance while other people getting active and reaching their full physical potential. Dr. Trexler also intended the merger of isokinetic mechanics and SMART technology to track the workout progress. He believed that you can reach your full physical potential without getting sore.

The 70% of funds generated through power gym will go to its manufacturing, production, and website. 15% of the funds generated will go the smart tech engineers and developing features, 10% of the funds will go to the creation of new content and nutritional plans while 5% o the funds will go the miscellaneous supplies. Creating awareness on social media will have a positive impact, more athletes, nutritionists, and trainers will be reached out. Awareness of social media networks will give a boost to power gym and a greater population of people will be targeted. Due to this, more and more people will remain fit.