How To Clean And Maintain Play And Park Equipment

The playground is more than just a place where your child can play and enjoy. It is also a place where he or she can interact and develop important socialization skills. Therefore, it is a must to keep this surrounding and the park equipment it houses safe and clean.

Apart from the natural wear and tear of things, there are many factors that can damage your child’s playground (e.g. Change in weather). So, how do you maintain the cleanliness and security of this wonderful recreational space?

Regular Inspections

Do weekly inspections. As the park equipment are exposed to several damage-inducing factors, it is a must to regularly subject them to thorough inspection. Others also do a monthly maintenance on top of their weekly inspection rounds.

You should also be extra careful whenever the spring season is coming because maintaining get trickier when the weather is warm.

What to Inspect

Look for environmental hazards, like broken glass, sharp branches, and other hazardous debris. The playground should be free of things that can pose danger to your child and his or her playmates.

Ensure proper drainage because failing to do so can even cause illnesses to the kids using the park equipment. Take note that standing water is a breeding ground for different bacteria and viruses.

If your facility is a wooden structure, make sure to sand splintered and rough areas. Remove any accumulated dust by wiping it off using a damp cloth.

If you have an equipment that uses a rope, always make it a point that they are properly tensioned. This simple task will prolong the life of your rope play equipment.

For park equipment that moves and rotates, check the bearings for wear. Spray the dirt out by using a high-pressure hose. Repaint whenever necessary.

Some specific facilities require extra care. Don’t forget to refer to their manual of instructions on how to properly maintain them and increase the longevity of their lifespan.

When inspecting, the key is to take note that each type of play structure has different ways on how they should be cleaned and maintained.

Whenever doubt arises, you can always consult a play equipment inspector that can professionally recommend how to clean and even fix a damaged facility.

Consider a Replacement Plan

The typical lifespan of a park equipment is around 10 to 15 years. If you want your child or grandchild to have a safe and enjoyable environment where they can play for a long time, you should consider having a replacement plan.

In this instance, there are top three things to consider. First, the play structures your kid and his or her playmates typically use. Second is the layout of the equipment. Lastly is the drainage system. Make sure that these factors are all considered to carry out a replacement plan that would result in an equally great, if not an improved version of a playground that can give utmost enjoyment to any child.
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