Fur Factory: The Business

Fur has been in fashion for sometime now and this time it is again gaining momentum with its entry in the Milan Fashion Week this year. There have been lot of objections on fur being part of human attire but fashion designers have been finding ways to introducing fur fabrics in every wardrobe. Designers have been coming up with creative approaches to allure customers fond of fur coats and the related ensemble. Graffiti, comics, and several other designs are commonly seen in the fur coats these days.

According to statistics, there are about 1100 retailers supplying furs and 100 fur manufacturers in the U.S alone. The fur products are sold under the category of luxury goods and have seen quite an increase in sales in the past years. A fur factory produces enticing men and women garments which are perfect to be presented as a gift. This outerwear is worn to stay protected as well as stylish at the same time.

Facts about Fur and its Business

  • Fur coats and jackets have been there in the market for ages now. The economic history of fur trade and distribution dates back to 1700s in the Fort Albany region in the United States.
  • Canada, US, and other European countries have been quite involved in this trade and manufacturing business. The harsh climatic conditions also contribute to the sales of fur coats and jackets in this region.
  • The types of fur products available are- Fox fur, mink fur, coyote fur, beaver fur, lamb fur, rabbit fur, etc.
  • Wearing a fur product or garment is considered trendy and in-fashion, no matter how old it is.
  • People also prefer to purchase a rather vintage option (if not a new item) which is pre-owned by someone else. There are used furs, or jackets, and even mink stoles which are later acquired by a different owner upon purchase.
  • Since it is quite an expensive affair to buy a fur garment, its maintenance is also quite tedious. Hence, opting for fur coat repair or remodelling option is recommended as it ages.
  • The real or natural product is quite impervious in nature. However, it is important to take proper care of the garment at home. Cleaning a fur coat or jacket must be a done quite often to retain its shine and quality.
  • The complacent nature of people can also make them invest in a faux fur garment which helps them maintain a standard and is quite economical at the same time.