Four Allergies that Don’t Sound Real

Allergies are prevalent in most people in the world. Each person that has allergies could be allergic to one thing or many in varying degrees from seasonal to life-threatening. However, some, no matter the severity, seem too extreme to be real.

Sun Allergy

Otherwise known as solar urticaria, these people don’t have the ability to go into the sun like a normal person. Though it can present itself at birth, most people will develop symptoms around age 35. It’s a chronic photosensitivity disorder and presents itself via a rash on the skin where the skin has been exposed to the sun.

While this was something that could be life ending decades ago, technology has advanced to help people with this allergy. Now, someone suffering has special windows, lights, clothes, and cars. These special items give them the ability to live more normal lives without risking their skin and body. As of right now, there is no known cure. In fact, not much is known about what causes this allergy in general.

Water Allergy

Though the human body is made of mostly water, it’s still something that people can be allergic to. Affecting mostly women, only 1 in 23 million people are diagnosed. If you are one of them, you’d have issues with baths, drinking, swimming, and sometimes even sweating!

Just like the sun allergy, there is no understanding of what causes this issue. THose affected can drink carbonated water or distilled water. Because of that fact, many think it’s not the water itself but something in most water. There is no cure or concrete way to help, though taking short showers and avoiding water is helpful.

Sperm Allergy

As the winner for the most shocking, the sperm allergy is another rare women affecting allergy. It usually shows up on your skin as a rash about 10 – 30 minutes after skin contact with sperm. However, just because you’ve had unprotected sex before doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen to you. It’s possible to develop this allergy throughout your life. 

This is easy to protect from with the use of a condom; however, it can cause issues regardless. It has the ability to strain relationships and make conceiving impossible although it doesn’t affect a woman’s ability to convince or carry. Couples usually use artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization so that the woman will be protected from raw semen.


Most of the planet isn’t what most would consider cold and most people on Earth enjoy that. However, some require the warmth to live. Called Cold urticaria, this is the last of our list of surprising and rare allergies. However, this allergy is temperature based and can kill quickly. 

If you ever took part in the ice bucket challenge, you understand how bad the cold can feel. That rush of cold ice water would have made you feel awful, but not dead. Should you have an allergy, you would cause a massive release of histamine which would severely drop your blood pressure and lead to death. It’s important for those affected to always wear appropriate clothing and never to swim alone. They must always be sure that in risky situations, someone is there to make sure they are ok.