Essential Cooking Supplies For The Great Outdoors

Cooking outside is quite a challenge and as such you may need a few cooking supplies that are specifically made for outdoor cooking. These utensils need to be sturdy and hardier than those you use inside your home as they will be exposed to outside elements in addition to possible open flame and of course, being toted around with other outdoor gear.

Pots and Skillets

Perhaps the best material for your cooking supplies in regards to pots and skillets is cast iron or aluminum. Cast iron is best over an open flame, is quite hardy and the food cooked in it usually turns out great. Aluminum is best over an open flame as long as you have a grill or grate to set it down on, much like a burner on a stove.

A cast iron Dutch oven should be the first of any cooking supplies you purchase for cooking in the great outdoors. It is versatile and you can cook virtually anything you would in an indoor oven inside one of these large lidded cast iron pots. A cast iron skillet is a great addition to your cooking supplies too as you can also cook virtually anything you want on it.


Cooking supplies, particularly utensils, need to be made of metal as plastic can easily become scorched or even melted. Metal utensils will not hurt your cast iron or aluminum pots and skillets and they are easier to clean, particularly when you need to use a steel wool pad for baked on messes.

Tongs and a long fork are important cooking supplies for the outdoors as they will keep your hands from being burned by the heat and flames of a campfire or camp stove. They are easy to manipulate and work best when cooking meats and when you have the need to turn things over without burning yourself.

A flat metal spatula, skewers and both a slotted and solid metal spoon should be added to your list of outdoor cooking supplies. The spatula is an obvious tool for flipping burgers and other food on the grill and skewers are a great way to cook meat and vegetables over an open flame without dirtying up a skillet. The spoons are important for stirring food as well as for the serving part of dinner plus they make a handy shovel when you need to dig a small hole!

Fireproof gloves or flame resistant mitts plus heavy duty aluminum foil are two final important items when purchasing cooking supplies for any outdoor adventure. Having pot holders that are flame resistant is important protection for your hands, particularly when you are cooking outdoors over an open flame. Also, foil is a much needed accessory to any outdoor cooking venture as you can line a grill, create food packets to place on the grill and you can even ball it up and use it to scrape off the grill! Choosing cooking supplies for your outdoor cooking adventures, whether in your backyard or camping should be considered with care and an eye for durability.