Chronic Pain Treatment: Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Treatment (PEMF)

Back pain is common. It is so common that over 85 percent of adults experience some form of it. It is actually the second most common pain problem, next to headaches.

Like with any form of pain, back pain is a symptom that signifies that something in the body is not right. Pain is an important indicator, alerting us of problems in our bodies that may become worse if they are left alone or untreated. But back pain in particular can become chronic – and when it does, it can disrupt many areas of your life, from daily routines to work activities and even just doing things you enjoy.

Sometimes back pain treatments seem ineffective. One form of treatment that some chiropractors are turning to is pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy, which is a non-invasive, safe treatment option that is used for both chronic back pain and acute back pain.

PEMF therapy is an early intervention option that should be considered prior to back surgery. Surgical procedures should be viewed as a last resort as they are more invasive and sometimes they can cause more harm than good.

Conventional Back Pain Treatment

Ice, heat and rest as well as medications can be effective pain management options for acute pain conditions. But when it comes to chronic pain management, these common methods for the treatment of back pain are not as useful.

Doctors are only able to suggest solutions they have been trained to know and many are taught that the best form of treatment for back pain is surgery or medication, yet there are considerable risks associated with these treatment methods. Medication is sometimes accompanied by serious side effects as well as addiction while back surgery is invasive and can be risky. Surgery is the right choice for some conditions, such as cancer, cysts or tumors or even nerve compression. But not all conditions require surgery.

The risks of surgery may be larger than the benefits if none of the above conditions listed are present. A low-cost and non-invasive alternative method is PEMFs, which are also convenient and safe. Many patients who have turned to PEMF treatment have found that they are able to tolerate their pain better – even people who have previously tried multiple treatment options and procedures with no relief.

Treating Back Pain with PEMF

PEMF therapy is administered with a PEMF machine, which is used to send pulsed energy waves to a specific area in a patient’s body. These waves move through the cells found in damaged regions, stimulating healing. PEMF therapy is also used to target the pain response centers within the brain, which helps to regulate brain function.

Brain research has proven that PEMF therapy is safe and effective. These machines can be used in a clinical setting with a chiropractor or at home.

PEMF machines are able to target back pain, regardless of the source. Because chronic back pain may take place when your brain receives incorrect signals from nerve cells, which may be damaged, targeting the brain with PEMF therapy is an effective treatment plan.

One study with a total of 100 patients battling lumbar radiculopathy as well as 92 suffering from whiplash syndrome were examined. One group of patients received standard medication (tizanidine and diclofenac) as well as magnetic field treatment two times a day for two weeks. The other group only received the medications.

Patients suffering from lumbar radiculopathy who received magnetic field treatment experienced not only pain relief but painless walking. Those with whiplash syndrome also experienced a loss of pain in the head and neck.  Contact your Tucker, GA chiropractor today for a free consultation.

If you suffer from chronic back pain or acute back pain, PEMF therapy may prove to be beneficial for you. Check with your chiropractor to find out if it is a good option.