Chicken Meat in Romania

Ciorba de pui’, ‘Ciorba taraneasca’, ‘Supa (de pui) cu galuste’, ‘Supa (de pui) cu taitei’, ‘Ciulama de pui’ – No! these are not any new words being reinvented. These are some of the most popular dishes in Romanian cuisines, where the star of the dish is chicken meat (in broth). Romania is dominated by families farming livestocks for livelihood. Apparently, the leading companies in Romania deal with chicken farming and other produce. Safir Group, one of the top companies in Romania has announced to create 470 jobs to facilitate employment opportunities for the people there. Due to the high-quality of the meat and eggs, Romania has carved a niche for itself as a sought-after exporter or trader of chicken meat which was otherwise on a declining trend.

Owing to the fact that the birds and livestock are grown in the best conditions, the meat produce has received several accolades and certifications for being healthy and nutritious. The processes involved to get a high-quality produce from farm-to-form is observant and ubiquitous in nature.

Chicken meat production in Romania is not just another economic indicator but a country tradition in itself. The focus on generating a high-quality meat is strong enough a reason for companies to have their own hatcheries, breeding blocks, processing plants, feeding mills, and even cold storages. This kind of engagement by breeders helps eliminate some of the most alarming instances like bird flu or other high-risk disease caused due to aves or ave meat. The shops or meat processing units in the country follow a well-thought out regime to bring the meat from farm-to-fork.

According to recent statistics, the domestic consumption of chicken meat in Romania is about 20 kg per year per capita. It has been observed that Romania’s diet plans have a huge influence from chicken meat. It is not a hidden fact that poultry meat is ranked as the second most favourite meat of the country (after pork). To leave the best impression amongst the consumer lot, poultry farming companies make sure that the meat is thoroughly cured in all versions before it is put out for a sell in the market. In the past, there have been cases of Salmonella (a disease-causing bacteria) in raw chicken. However, the introduction of technologically advanced meat processing units by the top selling companies in Romania has completed eliminated the risk such bacteria in poultry meat. This meat is then sold to the local public as well as exported to EU and non-EU nations across the globe. The love towards poultry meat by Romanians can be related to the fact that it is not only being farmed and processed in huge numbers but has also received a whopping EUR20 million as investments.

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