California Health Insurance Rate Hikes Face Regulation

In California, health insurance rate hikes are one of the hottest issues being discussed not only by consumers, but also by the California legislature. Every year, insurance companies have been increasing health insurance premiums even though they are reporting record profit levels.

Skyrocketing premiums are one of the main reasons why some people tend to neglect their health care. High premiums are forcing millions of Californians to go without health coverage. Since 1999, individual and family health rates have gone up a shocking 139 percent!

Policyholders continue to voice their complaints on unreasonable rate hikes. This is inevitable since CA health insurance companies annually report huge profits. However, this entire ruckus with rate increases is about to change. California’s Assembly took a brave step to protect Californians from unjustifiable insurance premium rate hikes.

Health Insurance For California Faces Assembly Action To Stop Egregious Premium Increases

To address premium rate hikes, California’s Assembly passed AB 52. According to Assembly member Mike Feuer, the main proponent of AB 52, the bill would require California health insurance companies to seek the state regulator’s approval before increasing co-pays, deductibles or premiums.

California has been one of the 17 states left where regulators do not have the power to block excessive premium increases on health plans. The Department of Insurance and the Department of Managed Health Care could only review rate increases. With this bill, prices on CA health plans could be regulated. It is hoped that this would make it more available and put coverage within reach for millions of Californians who are now uninsured.

As stated by Feuer, the passage of the bill into law would be the ultimate solution to protect Californians from skyrocketing rates on individual California health plans. He also added that people should not have to live in fear that one day they would be unable to afford it in CA anymore. For most people, the protection is all that stands between them and bankruptcy in the face of devastatingly high medical bills.

What Makes Premiums On Health Insurance For California Affordable?

While this bill is still being reviewed by the Senate, there are other ways to keep California health plan premiums low. One of these options comes in the form of high deductibles. As a general rule, getting a health coverage plan with a high deductible corresponds to some of the lowest premiums available. Another option is adding a supplemental accident insurance policy to cut into that deductible for any accident-related injuries. These plans come with different amounts of coverage, up to $10,000, but keep the deductible down to $100.

Another strategy to keep CA health plan premiums low is quite a guarantee. Maintain your health with the best, and yet inexpensive, foods like vegetables that have high levels of nutrients. That makes it easy to cut both out-of-pocket costs for health care and CA health plan premiums because you won’t need health care beyond preventive services.