A Guide On How You Can Increase Your Strength In The Gym

There are several different ways that you can increase your physical strength in the gym. This will make it possible for you to perform various activities as well as carry heavy objects for a long period. Physical strength affects how much work you can do as well as how much weight you can be able to carry.

Here is how to increase strength in the gym:

Lift heavy

If you want to increase your strength in the gym, you have to lift heavy weights. Well, using lightweight will give you some tone but it will not increase your strength.

When lifting heavy weights, you need a large amount of tension and you will be forced to recruit muscle fiber. Tension leads to strength and the heavier the weight, the more tension and hence the more strength you will gain.

Strength is like a skill, the more muscle fibers you recruit to a certain movement, the harder the contractions of your fiber muscles and the stronger you become. However, you should practice slowly and take time before you start lifting extremely heavy weights in the gym.

Lift often

In order to increase your strength when in the gym, you will need to lift weight more often. Lifting weight as many times as possible helps you to build endurance. Repetition gets your body used with weight. Try to lift the same weight as many times as possible and increase the weight after several repetitions.

Take enough rest between the workouts

To prevent failure, you need to take long periods of rest between workouts. This allows the body to recover adequately for the next workout. Taking rest also helps to prevent soreness of the body due to fatigue.

Exercises That You Can Do To Increase Your Strength

Bench step up

A very useful exercise that helps to increase the physical strength in the gym is bench step up. It concentrates on the gluteal and hamstrings.

This exercise is also very simple:

Stand in front of a bench that is about your knee high and step on and off the bench with your feet.

Ensure that you are in control when stepping on and off the bench and once you return to the initial position, repeat the action. Start with about 20 repetition but increase with time.

To increase tension, you can hold dumbbell with your hands and move the hands at the same time you move your leg. Also, adjust the speed with time.

The leg squat

The leg squat exercise can be used to build on your strength. It focuses on the hamstrings, quadriceps and gluteal. It is also a quite simple exercise.

Simply stand on your feet somehow separated and place one leg in front of the other in just one-step.

Lean forward until you get your knee in level and then return to the initial position. Perform this exercise for about ten times daily and repeat it with the other leg for another ten times.


Hoping helps to increase the strength of the leg muscles. It also helps to coordinate the calf, ankle, hip and foot muscles. This exercise is recommended to people who want to increase the strength of their muscles.

Hop as fast as you can for about 30 seconds, swap your feet and repeat the exercise with the other leg. You can adjust this by bouncing with one foot only.

Take The Right Supplements

Here’s a simple fact: no matter how well you eat, your diet will always be lacking some nutrients. So in order to maximize your gains, you need to take natural and effective supplements to supply your body with all the nutrients you need to build muscles and increase your strength.

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